A question I am often asked is, “How long does it take to start earning commissions as a newer C.R.E. broker?” It’s a fair question.

I believe that newer brokers are not told the right answer. Too often they are told it can take years. This can be true but, does not have to be.

If your “burn to earn” is closely aligned with your “burn to learn” you will achieve success much sooner and at a higher level. People hire brokers who have fire in their bellies, and also can clearly demonstrate that they have the fundamental knowledge of C.R.E. - they also have learned to model the skills of successful brokers. This includes industry specific skills and other non-industry specific skills, such as negotiation, sales, and marketing skills.

Two years into your career is too late to come to the realization that clients don’t hire under -educated, under-skilled brokers. High-lifetime value accounts always go to the best brokers because their attitude is to “hire the best and skip the rest.

Align your “burn to earn” with your “burn to learn” And you will discover that success will come quickly. Become an expert ASAP with the How to Fast Track Your Expertise in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage. Then take your business to the next level with How to Take Your CRE Business to the next level to learn the skills and best practices of expert brokers.