How the best brokers become street smart and savvy

Learn the best practices of top producers and how they master the market.

Street Smart and Savvy C.R.E. Brokerage

How the best brokers become street smart, savvy and successful. Knowing how and where to spend your time as a commercial real estate broker is vital to your success. Too many brokers spend far too much time in the dugout and too little on the playing field. This is a people business and knowing who to get to know in your market service area is the key to landing high lifetime value accounts. Take your business to the next level now.

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Bob McComb
Bob McComb

Hi, I'm Bob McComb, creator of Top Dogs Commercial Real Estate Training. In 2001, I founded Top Dogs to help fast-track the careers of new agents. I have been assisting Steve Becerra and Intero Commercial Agents by providing live training at Intero's monthly sale meetings.

I developed several training programs to quickly train agents to become top producers themselves.

Here, you'll be able to enroll in this programs—“How to Fast Track Your Expertise in Commercial Real Estate” and "How to take your Business to the Next Level" program.

I hope you'll enroll in one of my programs and reach out to me about scheduling your six 30-minute coaching sessions. I look forward to speaking with you!

Bob McComb 415 971 4830

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